Journey of discovery

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One of the things I love about my college course, is the fact that it’s opened my eyes to peoples work I never would have looked at or experienced had I not been doing the course. Or names I know of or have heard about, I actually get to read and study their work.

My current module unit has done both of the above. I’ve read more of and got a much better understanding of Brecht. While having my experience widened by being introduced to Joan Littlewood, John McGrath and Augusto Boal (a name I’d heard of but never studied).

I was particularly struck by John McGraths thoughts and work. I’m currently reading his book A Good Night Out and I’ll comment further on that here at a later date.

I’m also currently reading Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed, likewise my thoughts on that will follow.

Sometimes I’ve found the studying really hard especially when I’ve had to plow my way through text that I’ve found anything but inspiring , but I’m reminded this week that there are always some real gems waiting to be discovered as I persevere. This is certainly the highlight of studying theatre for me, I never quite know  what’s going to come my way next.

I’m now onto the next unit and will be revisiting some directors work I’ve looked at in the past, but will be going into more depth, Antonin Artaud, Jerzy Grotowski and Peter Brook. Exciting stuff!


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