Love Never Dies

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Anyone that knows me, knows that I’m a huge Phantom of the Opera fan. I think it’s one of the best pieces of musical theatre ever.

When I heard that Andrew Lloyd Weber was going to write a sequel I was rather apprehensive. Well, the Adelphi Theatre is ready to go and the Love Never Dies posters are all over London. I heard the song “‘Till I Hear You Sing” on the radio last week and thought it rather good. I think Ramin Karimloo is wise piece of casting as the Phantom, a fabulous voice and he’s got the relevant musical theatre background. I’m please Lloyd Weber has decided not to cast a “celebrity” or cast via a TV show.

I then looked up the performance of Sierra Boggess performing “Love Never Dies”  at the South Bank Award Show, I wasn’t as grabbed by this as “‘Till I Hear y You Sing”, some musical theatre songs just don’t translate well, to being performed outside the show they’re from, I’m hoping this is the case with this one.

Seeing an interview with Lloyd Weber about Love Never Dies (, allayed some of my fears. I’m glad Ben Elton’s behind the story/script and the rest of the creative team assembled, means it’s going to be a good solid musical. Can it follow the footsteps of Phantom and become great? Will it appeal to those that haven’t seen Phantom? Only time will tell.

I haven’t got my tickets booked, yet, but will do soon and a review will follow. The album is to be released on the 8th March and I’m still not sure whether to get that before I see the show (something I’ve never done), but the temptation to listen to it may be too great!

Previews start on 20th Feb and I’m keen to see how the press respond to this production.

Until then I’ll have to make do with the two tracks on You Tube.


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